A camping hammock is a great idea for anyone that likes to camp. They are a particularly good choice for backpackers. When folded, they take up about the same amount of space as a softball and weigh only about 18 ounces.

When unfolded and hung correctly, they provide as much sleeping space as a singe bed. The nylon styles available today can hold up to 400 pounds.

Hammocks can be used to relax outside of a tent or an RV. With mosquito netting and rain tarps, they can be used as lightweight alternatives to tents. This is one of the reasons that many backpackers choose them. Another is comfort.

Sleeping in a hammock is much more comfortable than sleeping on a tent floor. Some long-distance backpackers take along foam mats to increase the comfort of sleeping on a tent floor or on the ground under the stars. While the mat is lightweight, it takes up more space. It can make crawling through small spaces difficult and more dangerous.

Once you have tried hammock-sleeping, you will never go back to sleeping on a mat. There is really no comparison.

For long hikes that require two or three days in the woods, it is important to get a good nights sleep. People find that they feel more rested after a night in their hammocks than after a night on the ground.

Another comfort advantage of hammock camping is due to the fact that it is away from the ground. When the ground is wet and cold, you will be high, warm and dry. For added warmth, you can invest in and under-quilt or use your sleeping bag.

Hammocks have other uses that you might not be aware of. When hiking in bear country, all foods should be stored high up in a tree while you are out and about. Hammocks can be used for this purpose. They are large enough to hold all of your food and gear and easier to hang from a high tree branch than a back pack or tote bag.

The popularity of hammock camping has meant that we have more to choose from than ever before. Various colors and material are available. Hybrids have come out that allow them to be used for multiple purposes.

Double wide models allow enough room for two people to sleep comfortably, side-by-side. So, you can take a friend or family member along for the trip.

You might find that you love your camping hammock so much that you never want to sleep in a real bed again.

Source by CT Wilson