Introducing the Northwest Territory Cottage Tent …..

Northwest Territory tents come in a wide variety of styles and models to meet the needs of camping and backpacking trips. They have a well known reputation for providing high quality goods at an affordable price. This is just one of the reasons why these particular tents are so popular among campers of all ages! I am going to discuss the features and benefits of the Northwestern Territory Cottage tent with you in this article.

First of all, this tent is easy to assemble and can be put up in less than twenty minutes. One person can take it down after use and the tent has enough space for six or more adults inside. This tent is very spacious and can fit suitcases, queen sized airbeds and still have space leftover.

Northwest Territory tents are constructed to be long lasting and this model is no different. In case of any wear and tear or requirement of spare parts, you can simply call a toll-free number for assistance. The replacement parts will then be shipped directly to you at a very reasonable price.

The Cottage tent is very large and can withstand torrent torrent and high winds without causing any leaks or problems with the structure. This tent comes with a carry bag that has wheels as it is a bit on the heavy side when compacted. If, by chance, your tent gets wet on the inside, you can air it out during the day by opening the screen. All of the Northwest Territory tents that are available on the market come with their own carry bag for storage.

When you take your family camping, you want to make sure that your tent is well ventilated. Northwest Territory tents ensure that each type of tent that it manufactures has plenty of windows and screens in order to provide excellent ventilation. There is nothing worse than waking up because you are hot or feel stuffy due to ventilation issues in your tent.

Are you curious as to where you can purchase the Northwest Territory Cottage tent? Well, you can check with your local Kmart outlet or do a search for an online retailer. Northwest Territory tents are economically priced which enables families who may be on budget to also enjoy camping activities.

Source by James Lee Bishop