Some people love outdoor activities like shooting and fishing regardless of the weather condition. All they need to do is have the most essential clothing items needed and their off to enjoy their outdoor trip. Here are the list of clothing items and accessories each person should have.

Jackets – This is certainly a must-have as it will protect you from cold and wet weather. Bring a jacket that is insulated, warm and waterproof.

Trousers – Important clothing apparel that will keep you warm during cold weather. Some are made of light materials that you can wear all year round.

Vest – This is important when you are outdoors and the weather is warm. Worn casually while shooting and fishing, it comes with several pockets where you can put some of the stuffs you need.

Fleece – This is worn on top of your clothes as it protects you from cold weather. During cold season, you need to wear one that is durable and of high quality.

Headwear – One must not forget to have hats! During cold weather, hats will keep your head warm. On the other hand, it can also keep your head cool from the scorching heat of the sun. People who go shooting would particularly like flat caps.

Scarves – These are nice addition in keeping you warm during cold weather. Some likes to adorn themselves with scarves to put emphasis on their wardrobe.

Socks – Never forget to bring socks as they keep your feet from getting cold. You will never enjoy outdoor activities without a thick pair of socks.

Gloves – Another accessory needed that protects your hands and keep it ready for action. With a gloved hand, your hands are not restricted to move fast.

Thermals – it comes with tops and bottoms and worn underneath your clothes. This extra clothing adds warmth during cold weather.

Footwear – This is the most important item you need to have. Whether you choose to wear wellingtons or knee high boots, it is important that it is durable, waterproof and strong to stand the cold and heat.

Source by Warren Haynie