In the first video since my old content wipe, I give a general guide on playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds for android on a windows 10 PC via Bluestacks, a great android emulator. This includes a full round of excellent gameplay, several reasons you may want to try it, and installation/control instructions.

Installation instructions 0:00
Controls 2:10
Match Starts 2:50
Dropping at school 3:30
Landing 4:25
First Kill 13:00
Second Kill 24:48
Third Kill 25:10
Fourth Kill 25:55
Fifth kill 27:30
Sixth Kill 27:55
Death 29:30

One thing I forgot to note in the video: PUBG for mobile only has a maximum resolution of 720p. You won’t be able to play with the same graphical fidelity as you would with the normal desktop PC version.