Check out the “before and after” photos of our DIY RV renovation over at our blog!

In the beginning of October we bought a 2001 Winnebago Adventurer 35u after thinking 2 weeks before, “Hey… we could live in one of those!” Admittedly, we tend to “process” things a little quicker than most people and “jump in” “head first.”

After purchasing our new home we spent the month of October renovating; taking a 10 day break in the midst of construction to explore Colorado and visit family in Chicago. We returned from our travels, moved out of our apartment, and spent our first night in our RV on November 1st.

We have been in our home on wheels for 2.5 months and after learning the quirks of RV-ing in the winter, we love it! (except for the poop stuff…)

Renovation budget: $1,800.00

The biggest changes included:
Paint for days (literally)
Kitchen backsplash
Pine accent walls
Window treatments
Built open cabinetry in place of massive tube tv’s

It feels like ours and it feels like home. We hope you enjoy!

Let us know what you think and ask any questions below.

Soundtrack performed by Mike Pflueger
Recorded by Eric Sirianni

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