walk through to setting up and packing away a large or small camping tarp.

This video is a simple to follow guide to pitching a 4×4 meter tarp and also how to pack it away on your own.
My setup i choose to use only knots as that removes any types of equipment that could get lost or fail, also My setup really only comprises of one main knot which is quick release, adjustable and super simple to achieve. There is a lot of instructional information on a ‘taught kine hitch’ available on the internet and there a few different ways to tie the knot which all leads back to the same end result.
I personally have watched many bushcraft based tarp videos and I have mostly been disappointed with all the toggles, clips, gadgets and gizmo’s people choose to add. The setup i wish to display to you guys is so simple as its just cord and nothing more.

I pitched my tarp in a wide open A frame style as it suited the weather front i was camping in but these tarps are hugely adaptable and can be configured in different shapes and camping styles. I feel commonly the same principles apply and the simple skill of being able to tie a larks head, taught line hitch, a reef knot and a basic hitch will hold you in good stead for pretty much all situations, locations and configurations.

For my preferred hammock i do use 2x wooden toggles made of a piece of ash which i carry with my hammock but even that I am looking for ways to reduce that to again just pure easy knots.

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to (constructively) Comment, Like & Subscribe.

Many Thanks.

Music credits. Music: http://www.bensound.com