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When’s the last time you were in a situation where you needed a fire starter, and you just happened to have one? Or how about needing some extra paracord to patch up clothing or laces and some magically appeared? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. That’s why there’s the Survival Bracelet. Our motto? It’s better to have it and not need it.

The Survival Paracord Bracelet Kit is equipped with 4 tools.

• Over 10 feet of 350 pound strength paracord.
• An emergency bear whistle on the buckle.
• A durable Fire Starter flint.
• A Knife which can be used to strike the fire flint, or cut small objects.

Whether you’re trying to mend a tent, hang your food in a tree, fix a hammock, start a fire, or call for help, the Survival Paracord Bracelet has got your back.

The ONLY survival bracelet on Amazon with a Lifetime Warranty.

• For fire starting, firmly press knife against flint and strike toward your char cloth and dry kindling.
• For the whistle, open the bracelet and blow into the side of the buckle which contains the flint. Blow hard into the mouth opening.
• The knife can be used while inside the buckle, or you can remove it.
• The paracord can be unraveled at the end containing the knife.

Note: Keep paracord braided until you need to use it because rebraiding can be challenging.

The highest rated paracord bracelet and survival gift under $15 on Amazon. Limited inventory available.ADJUSTABLE PARACORD BRACELET is lightweight for Hiking, weighs less than 2 ounces and can now be tightened.
FIRE STARTER is a durable flint perfect for camping, can be used thousands of times.
550 PARACORD is 10.5 feet unbraided and tested at 550 pounds. 9 inches in circumference.
WHISTLE perfect for backpacking emergencies, search and rescue, bears or being stuck.
KNIFE can be used as a scraper, on fire flint, or to cut the paracord into smaller pieces/