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The “Camper” is a flag type gill net, a. k. a. shirt tail net. The net comes with a top string only.

The most common type survival net is the gill net. Gill nets are vertical panels of netting, normally set in a straight line. Fish may be caught by gill nets in 4 ways:

  • wedged – held by the mesh around the body
  • gilled – held by mesh slipping behind the opercula (most common)
  • tangled – held by teeth, spines, or fins without the body penetrating the mesh
  • pulled along the shoreline as a seine to collect a group of fish (A string such as bank line or paracord must be added to bottom, to be used as a seine. Bank line or paracord sold separately.)

To use a gill net simply string it between 2 anchor points and allow it to hang straight down in the water. The top of the net does not need to be at the surface of the water. This net can be strung across a stream, pond, or lake.

In the event no bodies of water are present, the net can be used to catch birds. Simply string it in between 2 trees. For birds such as quail, hang down low. Spook or drive the birds towards the net. With some effort and imagination, the net can also be used to catch rabbits and other small game.

Gill nets are extremely effective and their use is closely regulated by fisheries management and enforcement agencies.

This net is made by Nets & More, look for stock number: SG-42050.

Other survival nets by Nets & More are:

  • Hiker: SG-32015, very compact and light for hiking (3′ H, 15′ L),
  • Survivalist: SG-62075, deeper and longer with top and bottom string tied in (6′ H, 75′ L).
  • Prepper: SG-620100 and SG-630100, for long-term survival, comes with float rope and lead-core rope (6′ H, 100′ L).
  • Also see TL-03267 & TL-03268 which are mono gill nets designed to catch bait fish, but are also good for survival nets.
  • Want something special? Nets & More specializes in custom made nets.

Made in USA with 100% nylon multifilament netting.
Weighs less than 5 oz. Fits in a 1 qt size bag.
This net has a top string only, to be fished in a lake or slow moving water.
String such as paracord, or bank line may be laced in bottom to use as a seine. See description below for details.