I’m breaking apart what used to be a 1996 starcraft starmaster 1224, to build a one of a kind all aluminum frame (no wood) and fiberglass bumper pull trailer in the 1996 frame. This is part 1 which took me 1 hour and half to do in a gopro hero 4 silver action camera in time-lapse. It was a hot day here in Texas, but thanks to my Yeti 30oz. Tumbler filled with ice water I kept on going.
The a/c, mattress, cabinet hardware, sink and faucet has been sold. Still got available the toilet/shower, water pump, water tank, furnace, doors, and outside lights and closing hardware for sale. All the aluminum will be scrap and sold to get some money back out of it. The rest of the mostly rotten wood will be dispose. The trailer only cost me $300, so I know I’m getting my money back on the parts I sold and will sell, so technically it will be free plus some $$ for painting the frame once completely disassembled.