These compressor assemblies are very poorly assembled and often fail just after the warranty ends, then Select Comfort makes more money selling you a new one. This is a $5.00 fix I did on my Select Comfort bed. Instead of spending $200 – $300 for a new air pump assembly try this fix. It bypasses all of the electronics in the compressor assembly and just uses the compressor to fill the bed. The end result is a manual process of filling the bed by plugging in the unit then unplug when filled. Both sides of the bed will be filled together and will be at the same pressure. You wont have the controller that shows you the sleep number but you will save 2 to 3 hundred bucks. Supplies needed: 2 hose T fittings, 6 hose clamps, 2 wire nuts, electrical tape. Very easy repair. I am posting this to help everyone that has been upset with Select Comfort quality and customer service. I hope it resolves your mattress and frustration.