This video contains 9 tips to consider when removing the subfloors on school bus. There was a lot of rust on the nuts and bolts from the seats we removed, so it was safe to assume that the rest of the floor had water damage. The bus has also been exposed to harsh New England winters.

00:09 – Use a crowbar under pre-existing cutouts in the subfloor for better leverage. We started by the gas tank.

00:15 – Use a face mask or respirator. There will be A LOT of dust.

00:23 – Unscrew trim around the wheel wells and outer edges of the floor to release the rubber and plywood.

00:36 – Have a “discard” and a “keep” pile clearly delineated so there’s no confusion later.

00:50 – Do your research and decide what to do with the rear heater core as soon as possible. It gets in the way with its hoses and bulk. We decided to keep ours for now, since we needed to heat the bus to at least 45F to apply a rust converting coat on the metal floors.

00:59 – The more, the merrier. Grab friends and family to lend a hand, either with ripping out the floors or helping to clean up.

01:08 – Wear thick-toed shoes as there will be a bunch of nails sticking up after the plywood is out. Hammer these down!

01:15 – Clean up! Look for areas missed in the process. We missed a whole piece by the driver’s area, so we’ll have to get that on Day 3.

01:28 – Cover up all holes and close all windows to avoid creatures from invading your newly cleaned bus.

We filmed using a Canon 50D with Magic Lantern firmware and 50mm f/1.8 lens and a Nikon Coolpix P300.

We are a couple living in NYC with a passion for DIY projects in home decor and personal finance. We’ve been gifted a school bus and have been traveling upstate to work on it on weekends.
Estimated completion date: Summer 2017.
Maiden road trip: Harriman State Park, Sloatsburg, NY.
Ultimate goal: International!

Aka the Lil Big Bus! We plan to convert this 2000 Blue Bird Mini Bird short bus into an RV aka Skoolie aka Motorhome aka Camper aka Tiny Home on Wheels. Whatever the label, we are super excited for this journey with Hugo and hopefully with you!


Canon 50D:
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens:
Nikon Coolpix P300:
Winbook HD Action Cam with Wifi:
Flood light:

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Peace & Love,
Lil & Big