Individuals who are new to the camping scene have a lot to deal with: carrying equipment, cooking food, swatting away mosquitoes, and the last thing rookie campers want to worry about is having to put together a tent. Traditional tents comes with many different components, ranging from poles to the rain fly, and sorting out these parts can take inexperienced campers to figure out. Luckily for them, the introduction of pop up tents has made the lives of campers so much easier.

It works exactly like it sounds. All individuals need to do to set them up and unzip the tents from their carrying bag, toss them on the ground, and watch the pop up tents spring up into shape. This process legally takes seconds, and this eliminates the need for campers to deal with various, complex tent components. After that, the owners simply need to stake the tent into the ground and it's ready for use. With this type of tents, campers are able to spend less time setting up their campsite and spend more time doing what they came to do: hiking, taking pictures, enjoying the smell of fresh air, etc. This type of pop up tents is especially beneficial in stormy weather, where rain or wind can make it extremely difficult for people to set up a regular tent. With this, the same people can have their tent ready to go in under a minute and be safe from the weather. Last of all, not only are easy to set up, but they are also extremely easy to take down. Campers simply need to fold the tent back into its original coiled shape and slip it back in its carrying bag, which can be done as quickly as it takes to set the tent up.

Most of the pop up tents available right now are only designed to fit one or two people, in order to keep the tents lightweights and simple to use. As more and more people are introduced to this line of tents, however, more advanced models of tents are likely to be developed. For example, some companies have released four person tents, or tents with a double skin, giving campers more room and better protection from the weather without having to sacrifice convenience. These tents are also very affordable; there is a large assortment of tents that can be found for under one hundred dollars.

Of course, pop up tents are not simply limited to camping use. These tents can also be used as a festival tent, allowing people to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying attractions, or they can also be used as a plaything for kids. Regardless of their use, it is undeniable that the of these tents no longer makes the tent preparation the most difficult part of camping, but the easiest part instead.

Source by Bapi Chakraborty