Lets have a look step by step of how to set up the Breakaway Lifestyle Camper Trailer. This camper is one of the fastest set ups on the market, perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

G’day. Darren Smart here from Lifestyle Camper Trailers. I’ve got Jess Smigglehurst here with us. I’ve got the new Breakaway with the Thule awning. Let’s have a look at the setup.
Jess is just going to go around now and undo all the roof latches which holds the rood down while you’re in transit and keeps the roof nice and sealed.

A little two stepper comes standard with the Breakaway and up goes the roof. The Thule is a 4900 model awning. It is a very easy setup, as you’ll see very shortly. Jess is just putting in the stabiliser in the roof there. When you pull the roof that just brings the vinyl in.
These awnings can come with rainproof walls, weather proof walls. There’s a plethora of opportunity as far as closing in the Thule awning. Okay just bring the legs out. That’s basically it, we’re camping.
Okay holiday’s over, so Jess is not going to pack away the Breakaway. This is the Thule 4900 Omnistor awning and it comes standard with all the side kitchen versions of the Breakaway.

You’ll see Jess will actually bring the roof down to a certain height and then she’ll climb out and bring the roof down from the outside, so saves you being squashed down on your hands and knees.

There’s four scissors on the Breakaway roof, they’re all spring loaded. Put the stairs away. Close up and there’s four latches going around the roof. Obviously very important that it latches on into place before you drive off.

Basically once you put the latches into place, you are good to drive away and head off for home. That’s taken Jess probably a couple of minutes. I haven’t timed it exactly, it’s going to take a couple of minutes for her to pull it down.

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