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Sara has a snack.

Viewer ‘Silent Paul’ makes gives a great tip for sourcing materials for DIY backpacking pot cozies.

The winter camping cheers debate rages on.

Viewers ‘Bear off the OT’ and ‘GEN2-X’ give some tips on DIY windscreens for camp stoves.

Viewer John R. recommends the spoon shaped Nemo sleeping bags over the traditional mummy bag shape.

Viewer Andrew S. gives us an update on my Kelty Salida 2 person tent.

Using a 3-Season tent in the winter, snow loads, temperatures, etc.

Adam want to know if I plan to do more “classic solo” trips and / or head back out to the Rockies for some backpacking and camping.

Potential for doing trip videos more often on the channel.

We’re heading out to the Denver, Colorado area this late summer / fall for a backpacking trip (3, maybe 4 days on the trail). Got any suggestions for good camping, backpacking loops, burgers, etc?

Somebody sent a pair of Moreok Anti-Slip, Shock Absorbing gloves.

Thoughts on fingerless gloves for backpacking and on the trial? Maybe good for hiking poles, camp chores, etc?

Viewer Doreen brings up the subject of wood burning twig stoves for backpacking and camping. I’ve yet to use one – any thoughts out there?

Viewer Deb in Ohio gives a shout out and brings up the dreaded topic of a rainy forecast on your hiking dates.

My upcoming backpacking trip video to go along with my recent Budget Backpacking Gear List video.

Reason I chose the particular shelter system for my Budget Backpacking trip vs my lighter cuben fiber tarp or other options.

My new backpacking and camping water purification system that I’m testing, the Steripen Ultralight.

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