Unfortunately, you can not be like Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild, but you can still go camping. You just need the necessary tools to set up a camping site. You should never go to the wilderness without any tools except you have the necessary survival tools. Camping is fun when you go with friends but it might get boring if you do not have enough activities. Did you ever go on a school camping trip when you were little? They planned it enough so you can have fun with your friends. Do the same with your own camping trip.

Tent: Where are you going to sleep if you do not have a tent. Maybe a sleeping bag if you like to sleep by yourself in the open but a tent is something you should buy. You do not want any insects crawling all over your skin when you're sleeping. Get a tent to be protected from unknown outside animals. Air beds are a nice thing but it's not something you absolutely need.

Food, Cooler and Grill: Learn how to cook food and use the grill before you go on the camping trip. You need food and other things to survive. Also bring rope and a sack because you need to hang them when the bear comes. This is something you learn from the boy scouts. Hang your food so the bears do not eat it and leave you stranded. It's okay if you never learned it, it's not that hard, think of the pulley system.

Games: Any kind recreation game would be fun but it might be a bother when you sweat. But it is fun when you play a sport. Competitive or not. Plan activities when you go to camp. Make it fun forever everyone, not just yourself.

Optional Item: Beer: If you want, take some beer. Everyone loves beer.

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Source by Andrew YG.