Before you leave on your next camping trip then you might consider getting yourself outfitted in a fine set of camouflage clothes even if you are not going to be doing any hunting or fishing. If you have never worn any camouflage clothes in the great outdoors then you will be amazed at how well they set the mood.

Just as you would wear a suit to a formal event you should also dress the part when you are enjoying the great outdoors. Jumpsuits work fine if the weather is going to be cold but they can be confining in warmer weather.

This is why you should consider equipping yourself with a good assortment of camouflage clothes for your camping trips. Also, they are far more durable and you do not have to worry about ruining any of your other clothing that you have.

The best thing to do is to buy a travel bag and fill it with all of the camouflage clothes that you need, so it will be ready to go when you are. Also, if someone that is coming with you on the camping trip is going to be doing some hunting or fishing you will have to have camouflage clothes to wear if you plan on tagging along with them when they do.

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from to match the foliage in any terrain, so you will have no trouble finding the design that suits you best. Also the last thing that you want to look like is a "city slicker" when you are out in the wilds with your friends and a good set of camouflage clothes is the best way to avoid that.

If you do not want to be completely covered in camouflage for some reason, then you should at least have a camouflage shirt or two handy to wear when you are on your next camping trip.

Source by Francis Clement