Would you like to sew leather? Would you like to have a new notebook case? So this is the perfect tutorial for you! You can learn how to sew difficult fabrics and how to use Vario Pliers. Sew your diy project or gift idea with my sewing tutorial 🙂

This is a very easy way to create notebook case for you and for your family!

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And You? Let’s try and send me a picture! You can pubish it on my facebook page @sarapoiese, I’m very happy to see your creations.You can find the complete material list below.

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A sewing video tutorial with Sara Poiese 🙂 . A sewing project for you and all your family notebooks.

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– Pelle di recupero da una vecchia borsa
– Rotary Cutter : https://www.prym.com/en/rotary-cutter-omnicut-prym-love-610473
– Cutting mat: https://www.prym.com/en/cutting-mat-cm/inch-divisions-60x90cm-light-green-611468
– Vario Pliers: https://www.prym.com/en/vario-pliers-prym-love-390901
– Non-sew press faster Sport & Camping: https://www.prym.com/en/non-sew-press-fastener-sport-camping-15mm-silver-coloured-390241
– Clips: https://www.prym.com/en/fabric-clips-2.6cm-12-items-610180
– Cartridge pencil: https://www.prym.com/en/cartridge-pencil-set-610846?c=4378
– Sewing and Knitting Measuring Tape: https://www.prym.com/en/sewing-and-knitting-measuring-tape-cm/inch-611738?c=4378
– Leather needles: https://www.prym.com/en/leather-sewing-machine-needles-130/705-80-100-assorted-152449
– Black leather thread: http://www.guetermann.com/
– Sewing Machine: http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/it-IT/Machines/JADE-20
– Embroidery design created with this embroidery machine: http://www.husqvarnaviking.com/it-IT/Machines/DESIGNER-JADE-35
– Personalized Label: https://www.dutchlabelshop.com/
– Download pattern: http://www.sarapoiese.com/prodotto/porta-notebook-in-pelle-cartamodello

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