Newest update on our #VanLife Campervan Build! We’ve installed two MaxxAir MaxxFans Roof Vents on our Campervan to get maxximum airflow (see what I did there?). See the full post here:

This video is part one of the process, as we are only doing the exterior installation. The interior portion will be done after the ceiling is installed in the van, and we will do wiring at that point as well.

So, to get started, you’ll need a 14-inch by 14-inch square cutout in your roof. This is the standard roof cutout for vent fans in RVs, so if you are replacing an existing fan, the hole should be the right size. If you are putting in a new one, as we did, you’ll need to cut out the hole. We recommend using a jigsaw with a metal blade, although we used an angle grinder which worked fine.

Note: Rather than cutting the ribs of the roof, we recommend getting a roof adapter for your sprinter. we didn’t know these existed before we did the build. We live…you learn… here is a link:

After cutting the hole, be sure to clean the metal very well so there are no flakes of metal that would interfere with adhesion. For adhesion and sealant, we used butyl tape and Sikaflex roof sealant. Placing the butyl tape down first, then lining it with Sikaflex, then put the flange of the MaxxFan in place in the hole. Sikaflex is self-leveling sealant, so it really won’t ever dry completely. The reason we chose this was because it can expand and contract with the weather and not crack. After researching many ways of sealing the vents, we decided this would be the best way to prevent leaks.

Once the flange is in place with the metal clips facing the sides of the van/rv, go ahead and screw it to the roof with the provided screws. Follow that up with a bit more sealant around the screws to ensure no leaks will come through the screw holes.

Now you are ready for the fan itself! A little tip here is to pop the metal clips up just a tiny bit so that you have wiggle room to adjust them into place. An eighth of an inch should be plenty of room. Set the fan down on the flange and line up the holes in the fan with the holes in the metal clips and screw those in place.

That is all for the exterior installation of the MaxxAir MaxxFan on a campervan. The next steps will be interior and wiring installation, which will come in part two! Thanks for watching our MaxxAir fan installation!

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