How To Compress And Stuff A Sleeping Bag Without Breaking The Straps!
As simple as it sounds, most people break their compression straps due to lack of compressing their bag right! See more videos here:

In this video we teach you exactly how to compress a sleeping bag down and fit it into it’s stuff sack. We also cover how to compress the bag once you’ve fit it into its compression bag.

First, you want to fold your sleeping bag end over end until you feel like your rolling your sleeping bag up. While doing this you want to gently push the air out of your sleeping bag as to not damage the bag at the seams.

Once you have it rolled and the air pushed out you’ll want to tuck it under your arm and get your compression sack ready. Push the sleeping bag into the compression sack making sure to get it all the way to the bottom of the sack. Once you’ve got it most the way in you can start pushing a little more aggressively pushing the last remaining parts into the compression bag.

Once you have the sleeping bag into its sack its time to compress it safely. To do this you need to use your body weight and NOT yank on the straps. Gently put your body weight onto the sleeping bag compressing the bag down. Once its compressed with your body weight simply pull the compression straps gently to snug them up. This will eliminate breaking your straps and actually get the sleeping bag smaller and tighter than you could by pulling on the straps!

Now your all set to go! Reach out to use if you have any more questions at any of the following!