Did you ever wonder how the weather & moon affect fishing? I suppose you did, or you wouldn’t be reading this article. In this article, I’m going to explain how these two factors affect fishing, and how you can start to use that information to your advantage. These two factors have as much of an affect on fishing as anything, including the type of bait you use. It’s true, and now you’ll be able to use said information to your advantage.

Have you ever had one of those incredible days fishing when it seemed as if no matter what you did, you got bites and caught fish? One of those days where it seemed like you could do no wrong? Not only did you catch a lot of fish, but those fish were on the big side of the scale as well? I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but this probably had to due with the weather and moon much more than might have been thought.

You see, there are certain phases of the moon that are much more conducive to catching fish. Fish are just much more active when the moon is in certain phases. Not only that but certain fronts (which are the weather) are considered “fish catching” fronts. The bottom line is that when you have an epic day fishing, when the fish are biting like crazy, you were more than likely fishing art the perfect time. When the weather and moon were in your favor and the fish were incredibly active.

So, can you predict when these times will happen? Can you predict when the fish will be the most active, and thus the most apt to bite? Sure you can, or at least you can get close. All you have to do is pay attention to the weather and moon, and know how the two affect fishing. Then you can plan your fishing trips so that you’re fishing at the most opportune times. This stuff is actually much less complicated than you might have imagined.

The weather & moon have quite and affect on fishing and knowing exactly how is a great advantage to you as an angler. I’m being honest when I say that the weather & moon have as much of an impact on fishing as the type of bait you use. That bait should inceidentally be rigged on a set of pre-tied gang hooks, which incidentally is the best way to rig your live bait.

This is why educating yourself about the weather and moon is so important. Here’s my bottom line: If you can simply take a half an hour to research the weather, moon, and how the two affect fishing, so that you will catch more fish, why wouldn’t you? It’s not as if this information is going to cost you anything. It’s all free for the taking.

Source by Trevor Kugler