I do not know about you but I love hot weather camping trips. They totally rock. As long as there's a lake nearby I like to get in on these. Some people think if the weather's too hot you should not be outside that much, but I just say as long as you are about things, you will have a ball.

Going in the water in this situation will really cool you down, but the flipside of that is that water reflects the sun back onto you, giving you essentially twice the exposure to harmful UV rays. That's why it is so essential to bring a couple bottles of sunscreen if you go camping while it's hot out. Rub it on, let it take, and then hit the water. If you're just lying out, you still should protect yourself.

Another thing to think about is making shade if there is not already a natural canopy blocking the sun. In most areas where anyone would go camp there are trees galore, but if it's pure beach camping, you bought to put up a tent or some other form of shade.

Hot weather camping trips can certainly be a blast. As opposed to their cold counterparts there is less suffering to be endured; this is the type of camping where one can relax a little bit more and simply enjoy the summer. As long as you follow my tips and avoid too much sun, I'm sure you'll have a great time. Just remember what I told you!

Source by Jack Colville