In this video I give an up close and thorough review of the Grand Trunk Double Hammock. I also go into detail about the setup and tear-down process for those of you new to hammocks as well as a couple of tips to think about when using this hammock.

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Overall I was very impressed with this hammock. It is fairly lightweight, very packable, and even came with hanging ropes right out of the bag. This was a really neat feature as other hammocks in this class usually don’t provide these and have you spending upwards of $25 for their other strap systems on top of the cost of the hammock.

The hammock is 10’6″ long and 6’5″ wide in the middle. This would be a great hammock for taller people as well as people who might be concerned with the hammock holding their weight. It is rated to hold up to 400 pounds which is huge! This hammock could definitely accommodate two good-sized adults for some snuggle time if so desired 🙂

The only downside I saw to this hammock was the weight for those wanting to go ultralight. It is 20 ounces, but this could be easily brought down by replacing the end rope with amsteel and a lighter carabiner. Grand Trunk also sells plenty of other hammocks that would appeal more to the ultralight market. To find out more about those, visit

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