2016 walkabout in South Park 1 and Rigs Field at 8pm Monday after the public have gone home. What they left behind showed how lazy about 1/4 of them are – despite their pledge to “Leave No Trace”. Its an insult to all the festival workers.

About me and the festival. I’ve worked at the festival 8 times as a sound engineer, stage hand, barman, PA and actor. I was onsite for 9 days in THAT 2016 mud. I do not work for the festival and have never been paid for my work there. I’m one of the many volunteers who gets a crew ticket in exchange for the work I do. This year I worked 60 hours before the festival and 30 hours during the festival to do my bit to ensure that the best festival in the world is……. well……. just that.

I took the video whilst killing time after completing this years work as the exit roads were blocked. It was not my job to clear up the campsites and the difference I could have made in the hour I spent wandering would me minute. I decided to take a video instead as that could be time better spent.

The camping fields that I filmed were not actually the worse ones I saw. They just happened to be the ones I filmed.

Later that evening, whilst queuing to leave, I saw that Oxlyers had been left in a much worse state with more abandoned tents and more unbagged rubbish.

I am amazed at how this video has spread and the vast number of views it has achieved. I’m totally shocked by the numbers.

The vast number of comments on here, on newspaper websites, on Facebook groups and festival forums have been supportive of the video. Lots of ideas for improvements and I expect that the Festival management team will be considering them all.

What I hope to have achieved by uploading this video is to spread the message that there is a problem with a small number of ticket holders that have the wrong attitude about respecting other people and their surroundings.

Call me a tree hugging hippie (I am), call me a moaner (I am) call me picky (I am). Just pack up your own stuff next year and either leave it at the charity collection point. Bin it if its broken. Or best of all, take it offsite yourself.

Flashing Frog 12-July-2016

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