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Just recently The Off Grid Family went away for a few days camping. It allowed me to practice some of my bushcraft skills and also teach the kids a few bits and pieces. In this video we get the tent up and sort out a fire. I show how to safely dig a fire pit, I then show how to start a fire with damp tinder with a ferro rod and some DIY char cloth (Link below).
We cook ourselves some food and chill watching the bush television (the fire). We love our little camping breaks and cant wait to one day own land. If and when we get our own piece of land the video production will increase dramatically. We will be setting up a homestead and every step of the way will be documented in great detail. If you would like to help us by donating to our land fund then just follow this link:

Links to DIY Char Cloth

How To Make Char Cloth, A very Simple Process:

Simple Home-Made Char Cloth Easy & Virtually free:

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