This video details how I built The Longest Walk micro camper.

On January 7th, 2017 my dogs and I started on a journey around New Zealand to visit animal welfare organisations throughout. It’s an attempt to encourage New Zealanders to be proactive in getting involved with animal welfare organisations big and small.

We’re travelling with and living in a micro camper based on Paul Elkins’ design, which can be seen here:

You can see they are pretty much the same as mine is built from his plans (linked on his video and available for purchase). The main difference is the way that it is designed to be pulled.

If you built straight from his plans and had the time, you could probably get it built in about 2-3 weeks. Maybe less. As it was, I had to redesign a few bits and was also building it in two stages to allow transport. It was built to a kind of ‘kitset’ stage before moving to a different town, where it was to be assembled. My build took around 2 months of actual building time.

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