Hstory Bookmarks People Window rt Question x D CengageBrain Login or Reg x d wileyPLus S Kimmel, Accounting, 6e Exercise 1-10 Tamarisk, Inc. is a private camping ground near the Mount Miguel Recreation Area. It has compiled the folowing financial information as of December 31, 20 Service revenue (from camping .600 ,700 Sales revenue (from general store) 32,soo 14.300 Expenses during 2017 11.050 148,200 Retained eamings 11/2017) Determine Tamarisk, Inc.’s net income for 2017. amarisk, Inc.’s net income for 2017 s SHow LIST or accouNTs Prepare a retained earnings statement for Tamarisk, Inc. Year ended December 31, 2017. (List items that merease retained earnings nrst Tamarisk, Inc. Retained Statement