Camping advice can make the difference between a wonderful camping trip and one that turns out to be a disaster. Camping tips can be about the Outdoor Camping Gear that you need or already have. Tips can be about where to set up your tent or which way it should face; they are not the law of the land, they are just advice and may not apply to your situation at all – in fact they might be more of a hindrance than a help.

If a certain brand of Hiking Boot is suggested consider the source and try it out at the store, wear it around the store, it does have the support that you like like your foot slip in the boot while walking. When trying on Hiking Boots be sure to wear the same socks that you will be wearing while hiking. Do not try just one Boot try multiple brands and styles when you find the right one you will know it right off be sure to wear the new boots around the house and get some wear into them before you start a hiking trip.

Another important part of your Outdoor Camping Equipment is the right backpack you should do some careful shopping all backpacks are not created in how they fit and how they hold your equipment. A backpack must sit on your back and be comfortable it should have padding in the right places so that your back is protected from sore spots it can not just hang from shoulders it has to ride on your back. A backpack should have easy to get at pockets on outside and lots straps for tying your equipment onto the pack. It should have convenient compartments on the inside and it should have a compartment either outside or inside for a water bottle or a water bladder so that it is accessible and can to be used as you hike.

There are many Camping Tents to choose from the choice you make will depend on where you are hiking and the weather conditions. Take clothing that can be worn in layers and then you can adjust the layers to your comfort.

Also make a mental list of situations that might arise and consider how you would handle them for instance what if someone in your party gets seriously injured or becomes dreadfully ill. How far is it to the nearest help, how would you get them to safety could you carry them out or do you send for help, how long will that take? These are just a few examples of what can happen to be prepared for any emergency.

Source by Don Mills