Try these 20 camping theme activities with your students.

1) How many words can you make out of the word camping? (eg. pan, map)

2) Unscramble these three words: ihsfgni – mpfrieca – otcrh

3) Put these words in alphabetical order: mosquito, sleeping bag, tent, camp fire, stars, matches, mattress, torch and marshmallow.

4) Write three adjectives (describing words) you could use for marshmallows.

5) Write a menu for a camping dinner. Include a drink and desert.

6) List five things you might want to put in a first aid kit if you were going camping.

7) If you could only take 6 things with you when you went camping what would they be?

8) What sounds might you hear at night in a forest?

9) What sounds might you hear at night at the beach?

10) Write three reasons why camping is better than staying in a motel.

11) Design your own tent. Draw a diagram and label three features.

12) List ten camping related nouns.

13) Draw a picture of the type of shoe you might wear when you are camping.

14) List five animals you might see when you are camping.

15) Name three dangers you need to be aware of when you go camping.

16) Draw a picture of the “perfect” camping spot.

17) List five insects you might see when you are camping.

18) What would you do with your time if it rained when you were camping?

19) If there is no sink to use, how would you wash the dishes when you are camping?

20) Name three things you could use a plastic sheet for when you are camping.

Source by Sherry Goodrich