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How to behave when meeting with a bear
So, watch your position in space – you can not be the only escape route for the bear, and if there is no place to leave the bear, he will have no choice but to “escape” to attack you.

If you find yourself between the bear and cubs attacked inevitable matuhoy meeting with one of the most dangerous situations.

Do not catch a fish in front of the bear, the animal may begin to defend their territory, their fishing spot. And especially do not scare the bear, to drive him away from the fish they have caught. The bear may leave, but after a while back for you.

Prepare food with the utmost care, try to halt behave as quiet as possible and not noticeable. Myths about the fire and the smell of gasoline scare bears are myths. Bear is not only strong, but also a clever animal – for many years, bears have learned that where there are people – there is food – and often the fear of man, the bear was overpowering hunger. Do not leave the leftovers, not fertilize the bear, he did not fall behind, and you can try to force away your food …

Do not make a camp on the bear trail, he might get angry and unwanted guests

Basically, bears great sense of smell and sight, but with hearing problems. If you go on the leeward side – he uchuet you and not see you, you risk to face with a bear face to face. Because of the surprises he may give tear, and may attack. Therefore, forced his way through the elfin for particularly bearish places, try to make more noise, make noise, sing, talk loudly, well to a whistle or bell.

But that meeting was held with the bear.
First panic. Second stay calm. In no case can not escape. If you run away, so you need to catch up! A bear catching even a horse – a chance to get away from him. The myth that you can get away from the bear swim is not true. In Kamchatka bears swim to the islands in the lake. Kronotsky to 8 km in the same direction.

Look at the bear, let him know that you see him, he sees you. Slowly, making no sudden movements, remove the bag and put in front of him. Usually bear looks at you, can stand on their hind legs, and try to escape, the man bears tend not to touch. If the bear is not moving towards you, try to be very careful to leave. If your going to provoke the bear approaching you, freeze in place, saying that the language of the body: “I am not afraid of you, get attacked in return.”

What do you do if the bear does not leave. He may not intend to attack, he may be just curious, but like you. Bears are afraid of them who are more in size, most importantly – above. Climb up on each other’s shoulders, lift overhead poles, oars, swing it all, loud shout, clap your hands, knock in pots – often it helps: sometimes it is enough just to raise his stick above his head, sometimes – not … Bear can be frightened, if you did something unexpected for him. There were times when the bear died of fright (breaking hearts). But it is better not to hope …

If all else fails, the bear starts growling, dig ourselves paw the ground, take short lunges toward you – so he is preparing for an attack. And if you stood up on his hind legs and went for you, then it’s time to defend himself. If you have a gun, you have to shoot in the air … of course. No guns, you can take it or falshveer firecrackers, they weigh little, and the effects of noise and produce enough. However, not all bears are afraid of shots. There are gas cartridges from bears – Grizly attack spray. However, we must have nerves of steel, that bit of the distance of the spray (3-5 meters) attacking predator, capable of a paw, claws cut the ribs and opening the chest. Moreover, the inscription on these bottles helps in 14 of 15 cases, saying something …

Strongly push forward the bear shot backpack on worry and run to the nearest tree, which will be able to climb. Kamchatka bears can not climb trees! If there are no trees, you can only escape by throwing for a thing that can stop him, even if is not there something to eat, the bear stops to sniff the find. Can help you quickly get to the other side of the river, maybe you’re lucky and the bear did not want to go into the icy water.

So once again, bear – a serious predator and it is reasonable to feel like the master. A tourist – always a guest in its territory and generally unwelcome. This should not forget and behave accordingly. And yet there is still a bear bear strife-his behavior can not be predicted. As well as among people, among them there are types with inadequate psyche. And what to expect from this – is unknown. And life situations do not always add up in your favor … So be careful!