Okay here we go, Insulating parts of the van. Looked easier than it is, at least time-wise. I don’t know why but this part seems to take a really long time, its probably because I chose tape over the spray. Oh well!

What I used:

Reflectix (in total 3 packs of 2′ x 15′) layer next to sides of van underneath foam, this actually seems to be cheaper on amazon per square foot than i paid:

as well as 1 inch insulating board, there are definitely more expensive, better r value boards you can buy, it just wasn’t really in our budget since they didn’t have the big sheets at our home depot. I used 3 of these, but they were only $8 each at the store, couldnt find them on amazon:

I also used aluminum tape (normally for hvac stuff) to hold it all, I got it at home depot but here’s a similar one for reference:

A pair of scissors:

A Retractable Utility Knife:

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