Now we’re tackling the disgusting carpet. This used to be a work van, so there was oil spilled all over the carpet and as you can see took quite a bit of elbow grease to take off. I also had to take out the glove compartment thing because it was just too dirty and took up too much space. I cleaned off the old driver side mirror since it was all broken and held on with tape, and replaced it.

Goo gone worked well to clean up the oil spill carpet insulation mess. I kinda wish I had tried something more natural first, but I didn’t so it is what it is.

I used Seventh Generation Cleaner for everything else (I keep finding conflicting info if they’re vegan or not so I don’t know, I don’t use it on the regular, and like the goo gone I was rushing around to get stuff to get the van done and didn’t think much about it til after I was using all the stuff):

Want to see more freckles? Here’s his tag on instagram:

Party House (Glub Glub Water Dance) by Kung Pao O’Malley

Tobu – Colors [NCS Release]

Beat Your Competition by Vibe Tracks from YouTube Audio Library

Free Dog by Silent Partner from YouTube Audio Library

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