How to Replace a Broken Slider on a Zipper

My zipper broke on my jacket and I figured this would be a great opportunity to show you how to repair the slider. How to replace/repair a slider on zipper chain when the zipper is already sewn to a garment. source

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MUDCRAB Catch n Cook! Caught Using a CRAB POT

I head to the mangroves at low tide to set up a crab pot to catch some Mudcrabs for dinner! I cook it up with some lemon and seafood seasoning and mate... it just tasted that damn good!!! My instagram Music -...

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Repairing car paint Duplicolor perfect match

Jack of all trades master of none. Here's a video I did of repairing a very scratched up car bumper. I did not think the bumper was going to be this bad. It looked from far away as if somebody just sprayed gray primer over it. But when it got here and it was close up...

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