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Full transcript:
Today we’ll be having a look at the Atwood replacement latch repair kit for Atwood yoke style A-frame couplers, part number AT15775. Here’s what our latch kit consists of. We have our handle mechanism here, with the spring already installed on it, and then we have our ball clamp right here which goes inside our coupler, a new bolt, two washers, a bushing and a nut to secure it all in place. It’s designed to work with straight-frame couplers and A-frame yoke style couplers, such as the one that we have here today for demonstration purposes. Now, as you can see, from the factory it comes with a stud that’s pressed through and then smashed into place, so you don’t have to unbolt it. What you need to do is take a grinder, grind off the mushroom side of it, and push the pin on out, and then all the internals will fall out and you can replace it. The reason you want to do that vs. just buying a new coupler is because your coupler is welded to your trailer frame most of the time.

Sometimes they’re bolted in, but this is a weld-in style, like this one here, so that would require a lot more modification then something you can install in a matter of minutes. Once you have cut the stud off and pushed the pin out, all the internals are out of it, what you would do is you would take your new ball clamp like this, have your handle assembly here slid over. You’d put in your bushing through the middle like so, so you’d have this going around your trailer coupler, this inside the coupler. You’d run the pin on through, make sure it goes all the way through. It’s easier when it’s actually on a coupler. Then, you have your bolt with the washer on the outside of the coupler coming on through, then you have your other washer on the outside and you tighten down your nut.

This will replace your coupler assembly, and it will work nicely on both style couplers that exist: The straight tongue and the A-frame yoke style like we have here, and it’s designed to work with two-inch balls. That completes our look at the Atwood replacement latch repair kit for Atwood yoke style A-frame couplers, part number AT15775.