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We’re exploring Sedona, AZ and trying to figure out if we believe in what they call vortexes. Do you believe?


* Easy plug & play battery:
* Affordable solar panels:
* Connect battery to solar:
* Tools needed for 12v appliances:
* Splitter:
* Anderson power pole connecters:
* Crimper:
* 12 gauge red & black wire:
* Sleek dimmer switches:
* Switch we use for our water pump:

Lighting & Fan:
* Beautiful bright white lights:
* Sleek dimmer switches:
* Affordable temp. controlling fan:
* Best sealant for fan to avoid leaks:

Building Tools:
* #1 Tool needed for cabinet building:
* Our fav impact driver:
* Affordable nail gun:
* Circular saw that will actually work:
* Affordable sander (absolutely necessary for any painted surface to avoid stains!):

* The #1 kitchen appliance we use:
* Energy efficient fridge:
* Uber-quiet water pump:
* Space-saving sink:
* Flexible faucet:

Couch/Living Needs:
* Foam for the most comfortable couch:
* Stain resistent spray for fabric:
* Removable bug screen (so it doesn’t get in the way):
* Our beautiful ceiling wood:

Bike Storage:
* How we store our bikes:

Services we recommend:
* The book we’re listening to right now:
* Affordably earn your bachelor’s from the road:

Camera Gear:
* Christian’s favorite vlogging camera:
* Aubry’s favorite vlogging camera (takes amazing photos too!):
* Affordable entry-level DSLR:
* The BEST external mic:
* Wide lens for epic inside-the-van photos AND landscape photos:
* Beautiful (and super affordable) portrait lens:
* Perfect vlogging tripod (large):
* Perfect vlogging tripod (small):
* The best tripod:
* Our new camera bag:

How We Edit:
* The best computer for editing & watching movies in the van:
* How we edit our videos:

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We’re Christian and Aubry, a couple traveling North America (and maybe a tad bit of Central America and South America) in our converted Sprinter Van. On The Matneys, we love chatting about what van life is REALLY like, tips that make it possible to travel on a budget, and how we incorporate minimalism into our every-day lives.

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