My vintage 1972 Security Traveler Truck Camper. Made in Boise,Idaho,USA
From what I could find on them is that they made many campers from the 50s to 70s with the bulk coming from truck slide-in camper sales. They focused on quality in 20 years they were around. Unfortunately they didn’t survive…
My camper is in good shape overall for her age and usage she’s seen.
I was lucky enough to buy her for $395 bucks, from a nice gentleman in a Ft. Collins, CO a year ago in fall of 2017. He had been using it on a trailer, being pulled by a Subaru wagon.
It’s now on my 1991 Ford F150. Every thing works overall, heater stove,oven, and refrigerator. Refrigerator only works best on 120v power, propane refrigeration has issue.Its probably clogged with soot.
I’ve put new electrical work into her. Like the parking lights and LED interior lights. Added a small solar/inverter power system for 12v DC interior lights and back up 120v AC power.
I lived in it after I bought it for 8 months in Colorado throughout a pretty mild 17/18 winter ,But it was pretty warm and descent in most cold conditions with a 120v small heater powered by a cord from my buddies auto shop. Never had an issue.