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Continuing our strip down of our Mercedes Sprinter van that we are converting to a campervan, the next step was to remove the headliner. We needed to remove the headliner so that we could put insulation in the campervan and we are considering replacing the headliner with something more suited to Van Life, perhaps overhead cabinets.

Removing the headliner in a Mercedes Sprinter isn’t too hard as long as you follow the right steps in the right order. If you’re doing trial and error, it might take a little longer. But if you’ve watched this video then you should have the steps in the right order.
The first thing you’ll do to remove the headliner is to remove the torx bit bolts on the grab bars and visors. They came off pretty easily using a torx key.

After the bolts were removed, the next step was to remove the A-frame pillars to get the headliner out from behind them. The A-frame pillars are attached with upholstery clips, so they can be removed with an upholstery clip removal tool, or, as we did it, with a chisel and prying gently. You don’t need to take them all the way off, just lay them over so you can get to the headliner.

Once those pillars are removed, the next step in removing the headliner is to unsnap the upholstery clips at the back of the headliner. These again could be removed with an upholstery clip remover, but we were able to just pull down on the headliner and remove them without breaking any. If you do break any, you can buy a pack of 20 for about six bucks. The link to the clips are in the blog post linked above.

When you unclip those upholstery clips, make sure someone is holding up the headliner, as the only thing attaching the headliner to the Sprinter at this point is the overhead light. So the last part is to unclip the wiring attaching the overhead light to the rest of the wiring. That’s all there is to removing a headliner from a Mercedes Sprinter!