Our big announcement this week is… We bought a home!!
…. ON WHEELS! We bought a 1991 Ford Econoline RV to convert into our home for the next two years while we travel around Canada and the USA. #vanlife here we come… but do we really know what we’re getting ourselves in for? Are we crazy? Or is this tiny home movement toward simplicity and the open road of adventure just what we’ve been looking for?

Watch the video to find out how we went about searching for the perfect van once we hit Canadian shores (plus our need-to-know tip for buying a car in BC that will save you a LOT of time).


* Van renovation in JUST 21 DAYS! – https://youtu.be/4I320DuyvQU

* We bought an RV – the big reveal! – https://youtu.be/8_TIXs2UiJs

* Van Life Newbies: What we learned in our very first week -https://youtu.be/ujQQ7Ggl-_s


Van type: Ford Econoline E-350 (1991)



How to build a kid’s room in an RV – https://youtu.be/_nDmdhyKZVE

How to replace an RV toilet – https://youtu.be/s0fCQLtAEDY


Hitchhike along for the ride with us!

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