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Van Life Reveal: Take a Tour of Scott’s (aka “Comes With a View”) DIY Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion. We mean it when we say that this is THE ULTIMATE van conversion inclusive of a shower AND bathroom!

Join Scott’s journey

One of our favourite parts of the #vanlife community is connecting with fellow vanlifers and touring each other’s tiny home on wheels! While converting our Sprinter Van into a Stealth Off-Grid Camper we reached out to Scott for tips and advice and found lots of inspiration in his design. His conversion took him 5 months as he meticulously crafted each and every square inch of his 2016 – 177 Mercedes Sprinter. He has been traveling full time for almost 1.5 years and carries with him everything from a surf board to a snow board! I should warn you that his conversion will push you to jump on the van life bandwagon and his sweet co-pilot Ellie will make you eager to rescue a pup of your own!

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Three months ago, Eamon and I decided to forgo yet another apartment lease to buy a used 2008 Mercedes Sprinter Van that we would convert to our tiny home on wheels. Our DIY project allowed us to customize our build to meet our specific needs and we could not be happier. This is how you live #VanLife in simplified style!

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