As the cold weather sets in and we are constantly under the threat of snow, it is essential that you make sure that if you are pregnant, you keep as warm now as you will keep your baby when it's born.

When you are pregnant, your body can hold up to 50% more blood than any other time in your life which means that you have to use more energy to keep your blood pumping and to keep that blood at a constant temperature, energy that could be used to support you or your growing baby. So by adding an extra layer, you can make sure that you are not using more energy that you need to keep warm this winter and can make sure that your energy is focussed where is really needs to be.

But there is another fundamental reason for keeping your body warm while you are pregnant.

One of the main sources of aches and pains during pregnancy is muscle strain, especially in your back, pelvis and tummy. This strain is thought about by a hormone called Relaxin being created in your body which relaxes your pelvic ligaments in preparation for labor.

When Relaxin softens the ligaments and tendons around your pelvis too early, your pelvis is able to move very slightly in ways that it normally would not be able to do and, though this movement is not visibly detectable, this slight motion causes a less stable pelvis which is less able to support your spine, causing strain on your back and pelvis and the muscles surrounding this area.

And in the cold weather, you are more likely than ever to feel the symptoms of back ache and muscle tension as the cold weather will exacerbate your symptoms and highlight the pain associated with pregnancy.

Resolve your pregnancy pain by using a maternity support that not only has full back and bump support to ensure the strain on your pelvis and back is minimal, but also use a maternity belt or maternity band that will keep your back warm and therefore relate both the cause of back pain and comfort the muscles that are affected.

And most of all take it easy this winter, drink lots of warm drinks and warm (not hot baths) to relieve pressure and pain and have a great Christmas – next year is going to be oh so different!

Source by Paul A Butler