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Today’s topic is “starter clicks but won’t start.”

Here are the steps to check that you got a faulty starter.

Number one. First start by checking for battery power. Turn on your headlights, and if the light is bright that means you got power. If it is not bright then you got a bad battery or a faulty alternator. At this point try jumping the vehicle. If the starter still does not turn over with good power, then you got a faulty starter.

Number two. If you hear a clicking noise trying to start that means you your ignition switch is good. It is sending power to your starter. Therefore you can rule out a bad ignition switch.

Number three. Take a hammer, pry bar, a long pipe anything that can reach the starter. The starter is always bolted by the engine and transmission. Once you have located the starter, give it a tap using the hammer, pry bar or long pipe. Next, try to start the car, if it starts that means the starter if failing and is on its way out or it is already faulty.

Number four. Why the starter clicks but won’t start. He is a simple explanation. There is a solenoid inside the starter. It pushes the starter pinion gear into mesh with the flywheel ring gear. Overtime, it starter pinion wear out or it may be sticking and when you tap on the starter. It help loosen the starter solenoid.

Number five. There are two options to fixing the starter. You can try to rebuild it yourself by purchasing a starter rebuild kit or you can purchase the starter at an auto part store. Most time they will require you to return the old starter which is also known as a core exchange.

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