South Africa is a hugely popular winter sun holiday destination. While in Europe we find our days get darker and shorter, snow starts to fall and temperatures plummet – over in South Africa they’ve experiencing the peak of summer. And their summer is a glorious one.

South Africa is a gorgeous place to visit any time of year, but as a winter sun holiday you escape the cold and adventure into some classically hot weather activity – you can go to the beach, go surfing, head out on safari, or explore the cities in the beaming sunshine.

When you head there, you’ll arrive in Johannesburg which is the gateway to the country. Jo’burg, as it’s affectionately known, has the nation’s largest economy and is the business hub, however as a tourist there is not as much to draw you in – there are museums and art galleries, but consider this as a stopping point on your way to the more exciting parts.

Head south – nearly all the way to the southern=most point, and you’ll arrive in the most popular tourist destination in all of Africa, Cape Town. Cape Town sits on the cape peninsula, which sticks out nearly 50 miles into the South Atlantic Ocean. This fact means that there are many different beaches all in close proximity to each-other. The sea on the different coasts of the peninsular is very different, with different temperatures, currents and waves. Surfing is a very popular sport in Cape Town and many famous surfers visit annually for various surfing competitions.

Cape Town also features the stunning Table Mountain, within the Table Mountain National park. The mountain is visible across the town, and is accessible by cable car. If it is nature you want though, there are many other options in South Africa.

Kruger National Park is one of the most popular nature reserves. At the opposite end of the country from Cape Town, Kruger national park is inland and much farther north – and very hot! In January you can expect highs of 33 Celsius in the day. The park itself is vast, so is split into various camps accessible from 9 entry points.

Once inside the park you can view an astonishing amount of wildlife usually seen only in the Zoo. Elephants, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lions and Leopard are the ‘big five’ game animals you can see. You’ll also view Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Wildebeest, and Hyena.

If you do visit the park in winter, it’s worth noting that there is a heightened malaria risk during the rainy season.

Cape Town and Kruger national park are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are fantastic locations to head to. Begin your plans by taking a look at some holiday rental in South Africa, and start an exciting journey!

Source by Sean Thompson