DIY Peltier air conditioner that’s cheap, easy and cool! Made from CPU fans, heat sinks, TEC modules and some tapes and hard covers..

Automation project:

This video introduce you on how easy it is to make a portable peltier TEC air-conditioner with cheap parts from Ebay, or those free parts around your workshop. I’ve listed the parts used, and the cost of each parts, so you will roughly know how much you will budget for this entire project. Though it will not be as energy efficient as other technology, a peltier TEC air conditioner definitely cost much lower, and easily integrate into your home automation project. After I integrate this portable airconditioner into my home automation modules, I’ll be able to activate this aircon before reaching home, so I won’t be greeted by a hot sweltering room! All costing next to nothing!

Other applications will be on a camping tent, or a baby stroller. There are many energy solutions and applications for this wonderful portable air-conditioner, so your imagination is your limitations!

Energy consumption cost in my country, with usage of 8 hours per day, cost about SGD$6 monthly.

Feedbacks on ideas and critique are very welcomed.