This is not a how to install a Equal-i-zer 4 Way Sway Control Weight Distribution Hitch video. It is more of a how we installed our Equalizer hitch onto our RV. Along with a few tips and things we learned along the way. The trailer hitch is rated for 1200 pounds of tongue weight or 12000 pounds total trailer weight. We actually installed the Equalizer the day before our first RV trip in our travel trailer and figured we’d show you how it went. This is a Equal-i-zer 12000lb 4 way sway control hitch. Model # 90-00-1200

Equal-i-zer 90001200 Equalizer Hitch:

Equal-i-zer 91006120 Hitch Ball:

Equal-i-zer 95015150 Sway Bracket Jacket:

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