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Are you interested in ultralight backpacking, thru-hiking, or lightweight camping? Then this video is the perfect starting point for you!

In this video we’ll explore the basics of lightweight backpacking and teach you how to shave weight from your pack to have more fun on the trail.

This is the first video in my Lightweight Backpacking Foundations video series and I’ll explore the following topics and more:

1) What is Ultralight Backpacking and how is it different from Lightweight Backpacking?

2) What is Thru-Hiking and how can you complete your first thru-hike?

3) Where should you start shaving weight from your pack?

I’ll dive into the importance of A) Leaving home unnecessary gear, B) Replacing the heaviest items in your pack, and C) Seeing if there’s any gear you can use for multiple purposes.

4) I’ll also talk about where can you find the best ultralight backpacking gear and give you my top picks! –

5) What is backpacking base weight and how can you reduce yours to a more comfortable level?

6) What are the big 3 backpacking items and why are they important?

I know you’ll love lightweight backpacking if you give it a try and I hope this series and my gear recommendations give you a great start!