How we installed a very affordable cabin air conditioning system in our camper. After loads of research, I found the most efficient and lightweight A/C and generator combo to do the job, here are the product links to get them shipped to your door!

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Frigidaire 5000BTU A/C Unit ON SALE @ $119:

Yamaha 1000W Inverter Generator ON SALE @ $790:

Currently RV rooftop AC units are only made in 10,000 BTU or larger capacity, and if you’re trying to build an off-grid AC capable machine, you’ll waste loads of space trying to fit a generator to run such a unit. The equipment we chose represents just about as lightweight, affordable and efficient AC unit that currently exists.

Please keep in mind that every AC install is different and will certainly require customization, we only hope our install helps provide information and ideas on how to accomplish yours.

With that in mind, don’t install AC in your camper … once you have AC you’ll turn into a thin-skinned camping weenie who turns on AC when the temps break 80. Don’t be a weenie like me!