Hey Y’all, this video is about how to wire a truck cap high center 3rd brake light on a Ford F250. This truck cap is sitting on a Ford F250 Superduty Powerstroke 7.3. However, this should be pretty similar on most makes and models.

In addition to how to wire the truck cap, this is a Uxcell Universal Stick-on Red 32 LED Car Third 3rd Brake Stop Tail Light Lamp review.

You can find this LED 3rd brake light on Amazon here:
🔴 http://amzn.to/2fVxq4C

I’ve seen plenty of guys out there wiring their truck cap 3rd brake light into their turn signal. This not only looks bad but I don’t think it will pass inspection.

They also make a third brake light wiring kit that allows you to plug into the turn into both turn signals and not get the flashing. All that’s just not necessary.

Ford placed a little green wire inside the wiring harness that has one purpose and that is for the third brake light.

While I was filming the video on how to wire a third brake light truck cap, I found that my high center mount light was not working. I’m not sure if the bulbs are bad or if it was something else.

I ended up purchasing a new LED third brake light and installing it. Follow along to see how I managed the third brake light replacement.

I had a small issue with the pads sticking but overall it is great for a universal LED brake light that’s under $10!

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