One of the most important ways to keep safe on the road is to always be in control of your vehicle and this is why good grip is so important. Whilst standard tyres may suit dry roads and improved weather conditions – when it gets cold and icy, standard tyres may not be enough to keep you in control of your vehicle, especially on motorways and highways at high speeds.

Reasons You Should Fit Winter Snow Tyres to your Vehicle:

Winter tyres are specially designed with lots of small tread areas, this increases your vehicle’s grip in wet, icy and snowy conditions because the tread allows water to escape from under the tyre more easily. Only winter tyres are designed to excel in colder temperatures, slush, snow and ice.

Stopping Distance

A car travelling at 30mph and fitted with winter tires will stop in 35metres (around 90ft) on a winters road while a car fitted with standard tyres will stop at around 43metres (around 120ft).

Traction Control Improved

Most cars are now fitted with Traction control, which helps you from putting too much power to your tyres – however by fitting snow tyres will you get improved performance in cold weather because they provide improved grip and therefore improving the traction control.

ABS Brakes Improved

ABS brakes are there to help stop you locking up your tyres and limit your braking to the traction level of your tyres, therefore helping you maintain control and prevent skidding. However ABS does not improve the traction of your tyre – the only way to improve your car’s performance in the winter is to use the correct cold weather tyres that provide more grip and therefore improving the traction level for ABS brakes.

Which Brand of Snow Tires to Buy

There are many brands of tyre available to you and it is important you choose the right brand for your vehicle. Some of the top most popular brands include








How to fit Snow / Winter tires You will probably agree that you should fit Snow tyres to your vehicle during this Winter period, but having to change all your tyres can take a lot of time, be expensive and cause a big headache. Rather than you having to change the tyres on your vehicle, it is much easier to buy wheels with tyres professionally fitted and change the whole wheel and tyre.

Stay Safe this winter and get some Winter Tyres for your vehicle.

Source by Sean Edward