This is just one of two videos of me explaining how I re-upholstered my futon on a low budget. I got the fabric from Hobby Lobby and all other materials were purchased at my local Walmart, or I already had them lying around my house. Prices differ online compared to in-store (cheaper in the store), but just for a general frame of reference some links are provided below.
P.S: Hobby Lobby always has online coupons, so make sure to check before you purchase.

Materials used:
3 yds of Upholstery fabric ($16.99/ yd + a %40 off coupon)

Staple Gun

Extra Staples

Craft Yarn


Acrylic Paint

I hope this helps or inspires you to do that DIY project that you’ve been putting off for weeks now. Never doubt, just Do It…YOURSELF!!! AND don’t forget to “manifest your destiny.”