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In this tutorial, I show you how to replace front wheel bearings.
The vehicle is a 2007 Honda Pilot 4WD. This workflow applies to most Honda Pilot models, as well as most front wheel drive vehicles in general.

Please take a look at the suggested parts and tools required for this job at the affiliate links provided below.

Fact: Our 2007 Honda Pilot does NOT have a magnetic pickup in the front wheel bearing for the speed sensor and ABS system. The speed sensor ring on our model is located on the CV axle. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet about what models have magnetic rings that are integral to the bearing. In fact, the National Brand bearing that I used came with instructions that indicated that I had to verify which side of the bearing had a magnetic ring prior to installation, causing even more initial confusion on my part. The bearing did NOT have a magnetic ring and it took several forwarded phone calls at the local Honda dealership to verify this fact.
Some previous year model Honda Pilots do have a magnetic rings in the wheel bearing. Be aware of this and look-up the installation requirements for your precise year model before installing your new bearings. If your year model pilot does have a magnetic ring in the bearing, make sure the magnetic side faces towards the inside (engine, middle, etc) of the vehicle.

Wheel Bearing Press Kit – Worked like a charm

Torque Wrench (3/8″ Drive, 10-80, 13.6 – 108.5 Nm) – Good for Ball Joint Nuts.

Torque Wrench (1/2″ Drive, 25-250, 33.9-338.9 Nm) – Needed for Axle Nut. Can also be used for lug nuts, brake caliper bolts, etc.

Breaker Bar (3/8″ Drive)

Breaker Bar (1/2″ Drive)

Wheel Bearing (Alone)

Hub (Alone)

2007 Honda Pilot Front Wheel Hub Kit (Bearing,Hub,C-Clip,Axle Nut)

Wheel Bearing Socket Set – Contains 36mm Socket for Axle Nut

Impact Screwdriver

Hub Puller – Use together with Slide Hammer

Slide Hammer – Use together with Hub Puller

Great Toolset

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