My room mates and I received a pleather couch with lots of holes and ripped seams. Basically it looked terrible. Using some common sense and just the tools I had handy I was able to close the holes so that they won’t open again and are barely visible unless pointed out.
For hard to sew crevices a normal (straight) sewing needle won’t work. You will need to take a pair of needle nose pliers and SLOWLY apply force to make it bend while holding the portion you are trying to bend over an open flame. Heating the metal makes it malleable and will allow it to bed without snapping.

Double up your thread so every time you thread a hole there are TWO strands of thread, not one.

When sewing, bring the needle the back through the excess loop you have yet to pull all the way through and finish pulling. This will make the loop portion pull the thread down and create a better hold. Youtube a video on how to sew a seam if you’d like. once you know the pattern you want to use:

Sew the rip from point A to B then tie it off.

Cut off any loose threads at the ends.

Apply super glue to the threads and seams allowing the liquid super glue to absorbs into the threads themselves and the fabric underneath.

Final result will be a seam just as strong if not stronger than before.

You MUST use the super glue. Otherwise the threads will rip through the pleather fabric very easily, as the thin threads apply a lot of force to a small area, like if you were to use tooth floss to cut a hard boiled egg.

Hope this video helps some of you DIY people.